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Gigantic Ancient Trees Found In Dakota? - Buxrs.com
Published: 1 year ago By: Mystery History

By: Mystery HistoryPublished: 1 year ago

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When someone mentions the word, “Jurassic,” visualisations of enormous creatures surrounded by man-eating plants will often follow, and this is for good reason, during the era of the dinosaur’s enormous creatures could only survive with equally enormous food sources…
and it seems it wasn’t just the animals and plant life which grew to gigantic proportions…
Within the black hills in Dakota, petrified remains of these once enormous organisms can still be found.
Presumably they can also be discovered in many other parts of the world, yet within the black hills, it seems the prehistoric remains have avoided the deluge of sediment which has been experienced elsewhere, subsequently burying the evidence under several metres of earth.
Petrified, enormous trees, that when alive, would have soured into the air. Matching in height many of today’s modern skyscrapers,
Opened to the public in 1929, "An entire island, 50 by 100 miles in size, covered with the perfectly preserved petrified remains of a once gigantic forest.
Trees of incredible, and seemingly impossible sizes, destroyed by a cataclysm which made them collapsed in unison.
Now recognised as one of the largest out-cropping’s of fossilized petrified wood anywhere on the surface of earth, it is a rare natural insight into the enormity of earths ancient wildlife. Quote,
“Here is just the beginning of an astounding photographic documentation of this petrified island. A little glimpse of an entirely unknown condition upon the Earth...
It is a major historical discovery that if embraced, will cause a major upheaval within the "science" and religious communities.
Said Joseph C. Bennett from behold giants dot com.
Scientists assumed that the maximum height of a tree was 425 feet from the ground, at this height, the trees ability to pump nutrients is supposedly overcome by gravity.
However, joseph, along with several other astute researchers, have discovered the remnants of ancient trees within the area, which would have had a circumference of over 1/2 a mile!
The devils tower, coincidentally also within Dakota, has been argued for many years, by many people, to actually be that of a once enormous, petrified tree.
The formation of its rocky surface does indeed appear to be reminiscent of tree bark, yet many will argue against such a premise, or indeed the possibility, based on traditional, rather than more modern and controversial understandings of the past capabilities of plant and animal life.
Thankfully, as more research is undertaken, and more become aware of these amazing places, the possibility become ever more likely.

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