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Craziest SELF DESTRUCTIVE Animals In The World! - Buxrs.com
Published: 5 months ago By: Origins Explained

By: Origins ExplainedPublished: 5 months ago

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Check out the Craziest SELF DESTRUCTIVE Animals In The World! From animals with super powers to creatures with the most bizarre instincts, this top 10 list of amazing animals with strange behaviour will surprise you!

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10. Leaf-Footed Bugs
One of the main reasons animals purposefully injure themselves is to escape danger. The Coreidae family of insects, more commonly known as leaf-footed bugs, do this quite effectively, and it's actually extremely common for them to do it to save themselves.

9. Crayfish
Crayfish are a popular crustacean that are eaten around the world, but for some, the idea of being on the dinner plate has led them to extreme measures to get away. In 2018, a video went viral that showed a crayfish as it was being cooked alive in a restaurant in China.

8. Malaysian Worker Ant
All species of ants work together for the betterment of their colony- whether this be by collecting food, or taking care of the new generations… But the Malaysian worker ant, that lives in the jungles of Borneo, has developed a unique way of protecting the others- it can make itself explode!

7. Deer Mice
Deer mice live across North America, and can be found across a wide range of habitats- usually choosing to live high up, or in hollow trees. They have multi-colored tails, and their overall coloration looks deer-like, which is where they got their name from.

6. Termite Tar Baby
Termites are known for their love of chewing through wood and, in some cases, even concrete…. Something that makes them responsible for at least 5 billion dollars worth of damage every year in the US alone…. But there are a couple of things about these insects that you might not be aware of.

5. The Brown Antechinus
The Brown Antechinus is a small mammal that can be found in eastern and south-eastern Australia- in regions such as Victoria, New South Wales, and Queensland. They live in the dense undergrowth of forests where they use fallen trees to build their nests and forage for food. They typically grow to up to an inch long and have coarse grey-ish and brown fur.

4. Aphids
Aphids live in colonies called ‘galls' and are another species that will, under certain circumstances, sacrifice themselves for the protection of the others. Their main predators are ladybugs, especially ladybug larvae who love nothing more than to gorge on the delicious aphids.

3. Salamander
Salamanders are lizard-like amphibians that can be found predominantly across the northern hemisphere, from North America to Europe, Russia, and China. They live in wet environments, with some species spending their entire lives underwater, and some have vivid colorings to warn predators of their toxins, which can be extremely potent.

2. Ananteris Scorpions
Ananteris scorpions are a set of 64 rare species that can be found in South America. Very little is actually known about them, except for their unique colorations and a behavior that seems surprising for a scorpion—it's ability to detach its own tail.

1. Spiders
Spiders are the worst nightmare for many people, and the more you look into their behavior, the worse they seem to become! Take their mating rituals, for example. You’ve probably heard about some species’ cannibalistic tendencies, but things go way further than that.

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