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Most BADASS Creatures In The World! - Buxrs.com
Published: 6 months ago By: Origins Explained

By: Origins ExplainedPublished: 6 months ago

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10. The Hercules Beetle
The Hercules Beetle is one of the largest species of beetle, but it’s its horn that makes it stand out over all the rest. As a type of ‘rhinoceros’ beetle, they can grow to up to 7 inches long and, in some cases, their horns can be longer than the rest of their body.

9. The Bobbit Worm
Bobbit worms are, quite simply, terrifying creatures that live on the ocean floor. Typically they grow to around 3.3 feet long, though some have been recorded of up to 10 feet!! But you'll rarely see this because they conceal their entire body within the seabed, with only the tip of their head sticking out.

8. Wombat
You may think of them as a cute animal from Australia, but when wombats reach adulthood, their temperament is very different. They live quite a solitary life when they are grown up, and this requires them to be able to protect themselves- something they can do with vicious effectiveness.

7. Tardigrade
Having survived five mass extinctions over the course of half a billion years, tardigrades are, without a doubt, the most resilient organism that’s ever been discovered. Also known as water bears, there are at least 1000 different species of tardigrade, but each shares a number of common features.

6. Peacock Mantis Shrimp
Peacock Mantis Shrimp may look as cute as any other species (or tasty), but beware…. There’s a reason why they have been given the nicknames ‘prawn killers’ and ‘thumb splitters’!

5. The Bullet Ant
Growing to up to an inch in length, the bullet ant is the largest species of ant in the world- but despite this, that’s not what they’re known for the most! It’s a species that’s native to the western rainforest of South America, and is normally quite a docile creature- that is until it feels threatened.

4. Cassowary
The Cassowary is the world's third-biggest bird but by far the most dangerous. Its name is comprised of two Papuan words- Kasu, which means horned, and weri, which means head. They look quite similar to a turkey or an ostrich, but their colorations are striking. With their big black feathered body and the blue and red skin around the head, they are unlike anything else- and it may come as no surprise to hear that they have been found to be directly descended from dinosaurs.

3. Honey Badger
On first glance, Honey Badgers might look cute, but they have a deadly reputation- something that's completely justified. They live across Africa, the Middle East, and India… and are in the same family as weasels. They are solitary animals but, as so often is the case, this means they have developed some pretty antisocial abilities.

2. Grizzly Bear
North American Brown Bears, which are normally called Grizzly bears- are, apart from humans, the most dangerous animals in America. They are omnivorous and will eat a range of foods such as moose and elk, or nuts and fruits. Their raging hunger only really kicks in when they are preparing for hibernation, a process known as hyperphagia, so you’d better hope that if you ever come face to face with one, it’s in the summer months!

1. The Blue Dragon Sea Slug
It might be a surprise to see a slug at the top of this countdown, but the blue dragon sea slug is no ordinary creature. Also known as Glaucus Atlanticus, they live in the Indian and Pacific Oceans where, due to a gas sac in their stomachs, they float on the surface.

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