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Published: 2 years ago By: Talltanic

By: TalltanicPublished: 2 years ago

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From a strange and possibly haunted soda machine to strange
desert of ships these are the top mysterious abandoned machines!

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6. Woncheon Lakeland
Abandoned amusement parks can be quite creepy. Once used as a place of fun and amusement, it is quite the contradiction to see them sitting eerily silent and empty. Located half an hour south of Soul in Suwon, South Korea Woncheon Lakeland was once a fun place for the whole family to spend their day at. Now it sits collecting dust and the various rides and games have taken on a sinister feel as the park slowly breaks down and decays.

5. Ferrari Enzo
Why in the world would someone abandon a 2 million dollar car? Combine a man in debt with strict laws against debt and you have your answer. This Ferrari, which is one of just 399 produced, was abandoned by its owner, a British man who was in trouble after not paying a series of traffic fines. He was probably scared of going to jail, which is a legitimate concern in Dubai, where the car was found. It is actually illegal to be in debt in Dubai. The car is the subject of an Interpol investigation as authorities believe it was stolen or bought using stolen assets. It sits inside of a warehouse until the investigation comes to a conclusion. This is only one of thousands of abandoned high end luxury cars in Dubai.

4. Russia’s Abandoned Space Hangar
In 2015 a photographer was given unprecedented access to the building housing the abandoned Soviet space shuttle program. Inside the Baikonur Cosmodrome in Kazakhstan two dust-covered space ships were found falling apart due to the passage of time. The program was started in 1974 and completed just one unmanned orbital spaceflight until it was officially terminated on June 30,1993 by Russian President Boris Yeltsin. In its heyday the facility was incredibly advanced and it is rather amazing to see such a big facility housing such advanced machinery simply left to decay.

3. Silverpilen
Swedish for The Silver Arrow this eight car train was manufactured in the 1960’s as a test unit. Silverpilen was used as a backup train during busy times in Stockholm’s subway system until 1996 when it was completely put out of service. It was never painted and advertisements were never put on it giving it its silver appearance that differs from a typical green metro Stockholm train. The train has a somewhat frightening reputation and is said to haunt subway workers in abandoned tunnels. Also some people believe that the train itself is haunted and that it roams the subway lines late at night, occasionally stopping to pick up unsuspecting passengers who then disappear forever.

2. P-40 Kittyhawk
Dennis Copping was a sergeant of the Royal Air Force who was asked to fly a damaged P-40 Kittyhawk fighter between two British airfields to have repairs done. The aircraft never made it to it’s destination on that June day in 1942 and the fate of both the machine and the man remained a mystery until 2012, when the plane was found in the Sahara Desert. Guns and ammunition were still on board and the plane looked as though it had been landed and remained somewhat in tact. The plane was discovered to have bullet holes in it’s spine. Using this information it can be speculated that the plane was shot at and Copping had to make an emergency landing. What happened to the sergeant still remains a mystery, though unidentifiable human remains were found three miles from the plane.

1. Desert of Ships
It is mind boggling to see a graveyard of ships lying in the desert. The once thriving port city of Mo’ynoq was once located on the Aral Sea but now sits in the desert along with its once mighty ships. The Soviet government started diverting the sea’s tributary rivers, causing the Aral Sea to shrink by more than 50 percent. It is one of the world’s worst manmade environmental disasters. A lot of the ships were not transported away from the only port city in Uzbekistan in time and were thus left in the desert.

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