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Published: 1 year ago By: Origins Explained

By: Origins ExplainedPublished: 1 year ago

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Check out these mysterious places with no gravity! From gravity hills to other bizarre places with zero gravity, this top 10 list of unknown mysteries about gravity is absolutely strange!

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9: Magnetic Hill
It seems that the cold country of Canada has more mysterious things going on than we realize. Take for example the world famous Magnetic Hill located in Moncton, New Brunswick. This a another mysterious spot where the laws of gravity seem not to apply. Interesting signs mark the spot where cars also seem to move against the natural flow of gravity. The road itself actually began as a cart route from the city to the ridge, and its magnetic properties were only discovered after the automobile age. In the 1930’s, drivers discovered a strange phenomenon, If they took their foot off the car brake at the bottom of the hill their vehicle would roll backwards, up the hill. Explanations range from aliens to ghosts or an optical illusion, also known as a gravity hill.
8: Electric Brae
Gravity is one of our universe's fundamental forces, which means that it is present on some level everywhere in the known universe. While gravity maps can show the differences in gravity between places around the world, the difference is usually negligible. So even if you were in a place with one of the lowest accelerations, like Mount Nevado Huascaran in Peru you wouldn’t be able to float or anything like that, although the lowered gravity might make the air a little hard to breathe. There are however, mysterious places scattered around the world where gravity seems to act in weird and mysterious ways. Take for example, the famous Electric Brae of Scotland. Passing the amazing views of the Scottish countryside, there is a single rock on the roadside the marks the mysterious spot. In this small stretch of road, cars put in neutral seem to actually roll uphill against gravity! Long ago when electricity was still a mystery, the first observers thought that it was somehow overpowering the natural gravity and drawing things uphill. One of the few natural gravity hills, it has been the source of several legends as it seems to have some kind of force that carries objects to the sea uphill. The stone that marks the spot however describes an optical illusion, that makes it seem as though it is inclined one direction while in reality the ground is inclined in the opposite direction. The trees and surrounding landscape help to reinforce the illusion. Even so, it still seems like a magical place with supernatural qualities.
7: Santa Cruz Mystery Spot
Discovered in 1939 by inventor George Prather, it was opened to the public soon after the end of World War II. According to the local newspaper, Prather began to feel dizzy after purchasing land on the hill, and noticed his compass jittering wildly. After building the house on the property, he invited people to come and tour guides provided daily shows to interested tourists. The first “crazy house” to be completed in such detail in California, it become popular enough to be passed through several generations of the Prather family. Visitors to the Mystery Spot seem to be able to balance at impossible angles and seem to fall sideways into the house. Water can be seen flowing uphill and you can let a ball roll and it will go up hill as well! Visitors often describe odd feelings and effects while standing within the Spot. The guides provide speculations for the ‘gravitational anomaly’ such as underground spacecraft or guidance systems, magma vortexes or even “biocosmic radiation”. Whatever the true reason, they seem to enjoy the curiosity and theories of the guests that explore the strange home nestled in the California redwoods. Over the years, the Mystery Spot remains a popular tourist destination that has been visited for generations. In fact, as of August 2014, the site is officially considered a California Historical Landmark as young and old continue to voyage into the famous Santa Cruz Mystery Spot.
6: Ghostly Gravity Hill
This one has a bit more of a paranormal vibe. Just south of San Antonio, Texas is an area known as the Ghostly Gravity Hill. According to legend, there used to be train tracks passing right through the road. Story goes that a bus carrying children to school was driving down the road when the bus stalled right in the middle. The train came barreling down the tracks, and ended the lives of the doomed children.

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