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Published: 9 months ago By: Origins Explained

By: Origins ExplainedPublished: 9 months ago

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Check out the Most SURPRISING Recent Discoveries About DINOSAURS! From amazing facts about dinosaurs to other mysterious discoveries about prehistoric creatures, this top 10 list of things you didn't know about dinos will amaze you!

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10. Dinosaurs Weren’t the First Large Lizards that Ruled the Earth
We often think of dinosaurs as the evolution of lizards that ruled the earth, but they weren’t actually the first to do so. Dinosaurs, as we know them, evolved during the Triassic period, around 230 million years ago. This was at a time when all the continents were merged into the supercontinent, Pangea, and they first started to develop in what is now known as South America.

9. Their Days Were Shorter
Life on the planet was very different in the time of the dinosaurs than it is now. Earth was far more geologically active, so volcanic eruptions and earthquakes were more common, and the continents only started to separate about 175 million years ago, more than 50 million years after the first dinosaurs were born. That’s a reaaaaally long time!!!

8. Lifespans
How long do you think dinosaurs actually lived for? The same as humans, longer, or shorter? The true answer might just surprise you….. While we don't know, for sure, the lifespans of prehistoric creatures, scientists from a variety of disciplines have theorized about the answer.

7. Jurassic Park would be Impossible
Ever since Michael Crichton's book was published, people have fantasized about the possibility that Jurassic Park could become a reality- after all, it's based on scientific fact, right? For those of you that don't know, the idea was that dino DNA was gathered from bugs that had fed on them and become trapped in amber- leaving all the pieces for scientists to extract the DNA and birth a dinosaur! Ta Da!!

6. The Most Intelligent Dinosaur
You may have heard theories that some dinosaurs required two brains to be able to function, and that others lacked any intellect whatsoever- but this may not be entirely accurate.

5. Mammals Existed Alongside Dinosaurs
Dinosaurs certainly ruled the world during their time, but did you know that mammals also lived alongside them? Sure, it took the extinction of the giant lizards to allow other species to flourish, but evidence has been found of mammals existing far before this.

4. Their Fleas were HUGE!
If you’ve ever had a pet with fleas, then you’ll know how annoying the small pests can be… but that was nothing compared with what the dinosaurs had to contend with! Fleas were thought to have evolved alongside mammals but, in 2012, scientists in China found a couple of Jurassic era examples, including the Pseudopulex magnus

3. Dinosaur Extinction was Slow
We often think of the meteor strike that killed the dinosaurs as a fairly quick event, but rather than a fireball encasing the world and causing an immediate extinction, the process was actually much slower.

2. Almost all Dinosaurs had Feathers
Scientists’ views on what dinosaurs looked like have changed drastically from when fossils were first discovered. But even recent ideas of their scaly appearance, like those seen in Jurassic Park, are now outdated. It’s now thought to be fairly certain that most dinosaurs were covered in feathers.

1. Dinosaurs STILL Exist Today!
Despite the stories of the extinction that wiped out most species of dinosaurs, the surprising thing is that they still exist to this day… sort of. It depends on how you look at it.

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