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10 ABANDONED Ships and Planes Across Europe - Buxrs.com
Published: 1 year ago By: World Unearthed

By: World UnearthedPublished: 1 year ago

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From pirate shipwrecks, to forgotten airplanes, these are 10 ABANDONED Ships and Airplanes Across Europe

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10.Nicosia Airport | Cyprus

9.The Corpach Wreck | Scotland

This beauty has definitely become part of the scenery at Lake Linnhe, or Loch Linnhe if you are being dogmatic.

The ship began its journey in 1975 under the name MV Dayspring, it was built as a fishing vessel and it got the job done for decades.

In 2001, under new ownership, the ship was now renamed to the “golden harvest”. Not long after, the fishing vessel was all but abandoned at a pier. When the chain holding the ship failed during a heavy storm, the ship found its way to the shores of Loch Linnhe.

Since 2011, the golden harvest has been slowly deteriorating, I assume the relatively calm lake is the only reason why this ship is still intact. It's not grandiose, its not tragic, but it is a beautiful little abandoned ship.

8.Elliniko Airport | Greece

Located in Athens, the Elliniko airport WAS the main international airport for sixty years ! Things went south for the place in 2001 when it was replaced by Eleftherios Venizelos, the new athens international airport.

At its peak, elliniko served around 13 million passengers yearly. In 2004, a lot of the area was repurposed for the 2004 Summer Olympics. Google Earth provides a glimpse into what remains from all those renovations… pretty much nothing is operating.

On the other end of the airport, we stumble across “parked” airplanes, that are doing nothing but collecting dust. The planes belong to olympic airways, however, the airline ceased operations in 2009.

There is no clear answer as to what will happen to this tiny fleet, but the outlook is not great. There have been talks about turning the whole complex into a massive park, but without a massive influx of money, nothing will change.

7.Garðar BA 64 | Iceland

Garthar BA 64, did I say that right ? I think I did.

Anyway, the BA 64 is considered the oldest steel ship in Iceland, and spoiler alert… its not in operation.

It was designed to be a whaling ship, and it set sail the same year the Titanic sank. In its long career, the GLOVE IV, as it was originally known, changed many owners and names. When the whaling business was riddled with regulations, the powerful ship was repurposed to fish herring.

By the time the 80s rolled around, Garthar was no longer deemed safe to use, instead of leaving the ship at a pier indefinitely, the owners decided to drag the ship aground. There is no active preservation groups that care for it, so the ship is slowly falling apart.

6. Mil Mi-4 | Bulgaria

5.MV Panagiotis | Greece

Chances are, there is no way you haven’t seen this ship before ! Located on the popular tourist island of Zakynthos, the ship is now known as the “Navagio” wreck, named after the beach on which it lays.

The story of the shipwreck is probably embellished for dramatic effect, but here it goes. The Panagiotis was in the business of smuggling cigarettes, after a brief chase with authorities, it ran aground. It may look like it is hundreds of years old, but the incident occured in 1980. Wait… 1980 is like 40 years ago… man we are getting old.

Navagio beach has become a great place to visit, just watch out for the base jumpers !

4.Douglas C-47B | Croatia

3.Olympia Shipwreck | Greece

It seems like 1980 was a really year to be a Greek smuggler operating by water. Aka a pirate.

Locals say that a mischievous captain looking to escape the weather in the area. Sheltered near the Kalotaritissa Beach, strong waves pushed the ship to the shore, and sealed its fate forever. Since then, the ship has been battered by the sea, it eventually broke in half, but damn does it still look cool.

Ironically, the ship was originally named “inland”. Why someone would name a ship inland, is a mystery for another day.

2.The DC | Iceland

1.Mediterranean Sky | Greece
I really didn’t plan to include so many ships located in Greece but its not my fault that it's so hard to navigate these waters.

The mediterranean sky, originally named the City of York was built in 1952. While it did have a long career, things took a dark turn in 1997. The company that purchased the ship, was having some “financial troubles”, eventually, the ship was seized at port.

By 2003, the ship was in a pretty shape, it began to list, so they moved it closer to shore, the end result is what we see in these pictures.

It's not clear if the cruise ship will be left here indefinitely, but I haven’t found any information indicating otherwise.

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