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Published: 6 months ago By: BRIGHT SIDE

By: BRIGHT SIDEPublished: 6 months ago

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What US state is the best? People talk about the United States a lot. It’s a major world leader with the largest economy on the planet and the highest immigration rate in the world. It must be a great place to live, but like any country, it’s not the best at everything. We’re gonna look at what each state in the US is the best and worst at!

New England 1:15
The Mid-Atlantic region 3:01
The South 4:31
Florida 6:06
The Midwest 8:24
Konsas 9:08
The Southwestern region 11:41
New Mexico 12:40
The westernmost region 13:00

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- Maine is the most well-behaved state, with the lowest rate of violent crime in the entire country.
- Vermont is the best at gender equality when it comes to employment and income rates.
- Connecticut’s residents have the cleanest teeth! Statistically speaking, they’re the most responsible about visiting the dentist regularly.
- New York not only has the most densely populated city in America, it’s also the homestate of the most presidents (7) and vice presidents (11).
- New Jersey, despite being the butt of so many jokes, has the lowest suicide rate in the country.
- Maryland has the best household income rates in the country at an average of $80,000 per year.
- Virginia has the lowest asthma rate in the US. That must mean they have the cleanest air, right? Wrong!
- West Virginia is the most equal state regarding education, race, and income level. However, only 19% of the population goes on to get a college degree.
- Florida: great for vacationing, not so much for living! It’s got the most popular amusement park in not just the country but the whole world: Universal Orlando Resort.
- Alabama is the best at college football: their universities have racked up 16 national championship victories.
- Louisiana is famous for New Orleans and for the Port of South Louisiana. It’s the largest in the nation, overseeing 60% of the country’s grain exports.
- Tennessee has the highest number of caves in the country, so if you’ve ever wanted to go spelunking, get a group together and head on over! But be careful not to hurt your mouth on your expeditions!
- Kentucky’s another great place for exploring caves; they’ve got the longest cave system in the entire world! If you’re interested in checking it out, it’s Mammoth Cave National Park.
- Kansas is the largest producer of wheat in the nation. Maybe all those endless flat wheat fields have something to do with the fact that this state is also ranked as having the ugliest natural scenery in the US.
- North Dakota boasts the highest quality of life in America and the fastest growing economy.
- Indiana is the best at high school basketball, but also has more meth labs than any other state.
- Texas is the biggest state in the continental US, and as such produces the most energy and has the highest migration rate: over 1,000 people move to Texas each day.
- Nevada makes more tax money from gambling than any other state in the country and has the highest rated nightlife.

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