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Most MYSTERIOUS Towns That Disappeared! -
Published: 1 year ago By: Origins Explained

By: Origins ExplainedPublished: 1 year ago

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Check out the most mysterious towns that disappeared! From haunted ghost towns to strange and unsolved mysteries, this top 10 list of deserted places around the world is absolutely mysterious!

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#7 Roanoke
Roanoke is literally known as “The Lost Colony” and disappeared off the face of the earth in the 1500s. On April 27, 1584, Sir Walter Raleigh set out to explore the eastern coast of North America. He and his crew arrived on Roanoke Island three months later. They made friends with the natives, in theory, and were given info on the area. Another explorer then went on an expedition.
There were five ships on the trip that were separated. Thankfully, they had a plan as to where to meet. After a few setbacks, lack of food, trips around the New World, and various incidents, the leader of the expedition, Grenville, decided to leave a group of men to establish a colony on Roanoke Island, saying he would return in April 1586 with supplies and more men.
April came and Grenville didn’t return. Famous explorer Sir Francis Drake was on a separate voyage, but knew of the group at Roanoke. He stopped by and offered to take the colonists back to England. Several accepted. The relief fleet arrived shortly after Drake's departure with the colonists. But…by then, the colony was mostly abandoned. Grenville left 15 men behind to maintain presence.
Sir Walter Raleigh was eventually ordered to pick the men up, but when he arrived his crew found nothing except a skeleton that may have been the remains of one of the English garrison. While no one knows what happened to them the story gets even weirder.
When John White, appointed by Sir Walter Raleigh as governor of Roanoke Colony, returned to England for more supplies in late 1587, he left behind his wife, his daughter and his infant granddaughter. Virginia Dare. Fun fact: she was the first child born in the New World to English parents.
The relief group was delayed for three years due to ship raids and wars. When John White returned for his family after 3 years, there was no one there. No real sign of a struggle or a battle. The only clue the word "CROATOAN" carved into a fence post. Croatoan was the name of a Native American tribe and an island near Roanoke. It is possible that the remaining colonists may have been absorbed into friendly Native American tribes or attempted to return to England on their own but were lost at sea. It is one of the most mysterious cases in history.
#6 Hoer Verde, Brazil
This mass disappearance at Hoer Verde, occurred with no evidence to suggest that any tragedy had occurred. In 1923, some people went to visit the village. They soon realized that it was a ghost town. What made this village strange was that although it seemed…dead…it also seemed fresh. Everything was still clean and taken care of but the population of 600 had disappeared. They expected to see busy streets and lamps lit indoors. As they traveled through the town…there was no one in sight.
Due to this strange discovery, the police were called and arrived shortly after. As they went through town they passed by the schoolhouse. The only strange thing they found was a gun which was filed as evidence. It was later discovered that the gun had been fired the day before. The blackboard also had the words, "There is no salvation" scrawled across it.
A large manhunt for the 600 people soon took place, but to no avail. It is believed that the town was either evacuated due to a sharp change in weather, or to escape guerillas. Another theory suggests they did not escape, but were all murdered. But if this was the case, there would have been bodies…or at least blood.
Another odd fact was that the phrase on the board wasn’t in English or Portuguese, the primary languages of Brazil. It was maybe written in Latin, but it may have been just a simple Catholic school lesson interrupted by an emergency that forced the residents out of the village.
There are very few original sources about this occurrence, and most of the references come from an article translated from Russia so details are confusing.
To this day, no one knows for sure the reason for the disappearance or even if this story was even true.
#5 Reschensee, Italy
You’ve heard of men building lakes that drown out villages, but the case of Reschensee, Italy, may be the most intriguing as it dates back to the Roman Empire.
Lake Reshchen is one of the largest man-made lakes in the country at 120 million cubic meters. Those who do not know of its origins may think the steeple of a 14th-century church protruding out of the water both odd and sacrilegious.

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