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8 Greatest Ancient Weapons and Armor EVER - Buxrs.com
Published: 2 years ago By: All Things Human

By: All Things HumanPublished: 2 years ago

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From armor made of animal parts to some of the earliest forms of hand held rocket launchers, here are some of the craziest, coolest, and oddest ancient weapons and armor researchers and archeologists EVER discovered

8 Haladie
We are going to start off with the Haladie dagger. Looking like something from a scifi move this was a weapon of India’s ancient warrior class known as the Rajput Clans. These incredible weapons were used as both a slicing and stabbing blade. It took great skill and delicacy to use this weapon properly. Some of the Haladie were designed with a metal band on the handle, making it similar to the knuckle duster, some Haladies found had surraided blades making their cuts even more detrimental. This style of weapon is believed to be one of the first known triple-edged blades!
7 Fire Lance
This chinese designed weapon was nothing to ignore, the fire lance! I could only imagine what an ancient enemy going to battle against a chinese regime would be thinking when they see a guy on the battlefield with a stick spewing flames and even projectiles...The fire lance is essentially what it sounds like, but it evolved...oh it evolved.
It started as a simple bamboo tube packed with sand that was strapped to a spear, working as an early version of a flame thrower, but eventually it was upgraded from bamboo to metal and shrapnel and/or poison darts were added to give the hits a bit more umm zest! Can you imagine if this weapon had Greek fire to go with it, if you don’t know what Greek Fire is, check out my video 8 Most Advanced Ancient Technologies, which is in the description below.
6 Hook Swords
Here is a sword design you would not expect to be as well crafted and useful as they appear. Every shape of this sword style is designed with practical purpose. First you start with the pointed blades at the butt of the handle for close range jabbing and stabbing. Next you see the well designed handle guards that protected the hands of the user but worked in the offensive. Lastly you move down to the end of the blade, now, you could dual wield the swords, with one in each hand or you can take the swords which were roughly 3-5 feet in length and hook the ends together to extend your reach to nearly 10 or so feet. Now I know what you’re thinking, that seems absurdly difficult, but in fact with proper training someone can wield these swords hooked together quite seemlessly. This style of sword was commonly used by Shaolin monks of northern China, and was not often, if ever, used on the battlefield by soldiers, they took immense training and skill.
5 Atlatl
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3 Kpinga
2 Nest of Bees
This weapon is my personal favorite, The Nest of Bees, okay so this is another weapon of Chinese design, and it is similar to the fire lance described earlier, except this is a bit more like rocket propelled arrows. It starts with a hexagonal tube, filled with arrows, so when you see it from the front it has a beehive kind of look. Then each arrow has a little rocket or firework on the back, a wick is lit and BOOM all the arrows shoot out at once. Could you picture seeing a blanket of arrows coming at you are one time?! A bit more than 30 arrows could be launched from these guys at a time! Well, ancient Chinese Armies would launch thousands of these at one time to give a serious blow to the enemy.

1 Animal Part Armor
Now here are a few finds that will really raise the eyebrows. In Omsk, Siberia in 2014 archaeologists unearthed armor that is estimated to be between 3500 and 3900 years old made entirely of bone. Why was is buried you may ask? Well some believe it was meant to be an offering to some kind of god. Turn away for this next one if you’re a fan of christmas, another Siberian suit of armor has also been found made from reindeer antlers, it’s thought to be about 2000 years old. But by far the coolest animal armors found are made from alligator and crocodile skin. Kinda has a ninja turtle look to it huh?

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