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Published: 1 year ago By: American Eye

By: American EyePublished: 1 year ago

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From the isolated native people in the highlands of Tibet to the mysterious islands on a few people will dare to live on, here are 11 most isolated communities

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5. Most Isolated Capital
What do you think the coldest capital on earth is? Moscow, Bern, Ottawa? All Wrong! If you guessed Ulaanbaatar located in Mongolia good job! To the south lies a strange, dry, cold Gobi desert that receives little to no precipitation all year. To the North, you have siberia.
This city is regarded as the coldest capital on earth and suffers from long and unbearable freezing winters! We sort of see it as the most isolated capital as well and this whole area of Central Asia is just extremely remote! We don’t even think Genghis Khan could have handled temperatures this cold. Just walking on the street with any exposed skin can result in pain. Do you ever hear anyone saying, hey i’m taking off work to go to Mongolia for a week!? Uh no.. You really wouldn't want to forget a jacket living here. It’s also the largest city on the list with roughly 1.3 million inhabitants which is nearly half the country's population. We’re still surprised that mongolians got out of their huts and even built a capital! Due to its high elevation, proximity to Siberia and lack of precipitation, it’s a rough place to live nonetheless. Due to a large amount of permafrost soil in Mongolia, it makes building foundations difficult. It’s believed this is why many Mongolians live in houses known as Yurts.

4. Siwa Oasis
Within the vast Sahara desert lies the Siwa Oasis, in one of the most isolated settlements in Egypt. Situated near the Libyan border, it’s about 348 miles or 560 kilometers west of the capital Cairo. Living here however is nothing new and the earliest known settlers came here during the 10th century BC. Being completely surrounded by dry, inhospitable desert has allowed the Siwa people to develop a unique culture from the rest of the Middle East, which is often seen in their style of artwork, jewelry and their same sex marriage ceremonies. They also speak what’s known as the Siwi or Oasis berber, making them somewhat foreign to the eastern part of Egypt. Here in this photo we see a girl wearing the traditional dress of Siwa while grinding salt. The oasis is inhabited by about 30,000 Siwa Berbers and the hot springs are known to occasionally attract tourists. If you’re looking for some good dates, the people of the Siwa Oasis have been growing them for the past 3,500 years

3. Montecristo
The tiny island off the coast of Tuscany, Italy called Montecristo has been shrouded in mystery since the 16th century. To this day, only 1000 tourists are permitted to visit the nature reserve located on this island each year. On top of it, they have to wait 3 years in order to get the visa, just to visit! Is there something the Italian government doesn’t want people to find out about here or is it just to preserve the nature. This was also home to the famous French writer Alexandre Dumas, who wrote the 3 Musketeers. In the novel The count of Monte Cristo, he told of legends about buried treasure left by pirates here. Is it a coincidence that excavations are also strictly permitted on this island? The current population of this island is labelled at 2 people.

2. Szigetszentmiklos -(see-gets-zent-miklos)
This community in Hungary is found just about southwest of Budapest in Google maps and it’s quite strange how isolated they seem. The little hungarian community is completely surrounded by water near the Danube River and is quite unurbanized in comparison to the big capital city. There’s about 30,000 residents of this little town which but only a few hundred choose to live on these islands. Villagers enjoy hunting, fishing, and boating in order to stay self sufficient. You don’t really get a true sense of how isolated it is until you kind roam around here on google earth. This photo here shows the tiny fishing community on the body of water known as Pebble lake, and it looks like a good village to survive the zombie apocalypse

Tristan De Cuhna
This island gets the nickname as the most remote inhabited island in the world because it sort of is. Tristan is the tip of a volcano thrusted upwards from the ocean floor and by looking at the signs, you’ll definitely feel a long ways away from home. The elevation peaks at about 6500 feet. The closest land mass is Saint Helena only about 1500 miles away. It seems to be situated directly between the southern tips of Africa and South America and is only accessible by navigating the brutal seas . You might imagine that life on the world’s most remote island is a little bit rough, but people here enjoy a good standard of living here. Crime seems virtually nonexistent on the biggest settlement called Edinbourgh of the Seven Seas. Many family owns potato patches to grow there own food.

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