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Published: 10 months ago By: Talltanic

By: TalltanicPublished: 10 months ago

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From amazing natural locales to abandoned towers, here are the most unusual and mysterious locations around the world!

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5.The Star Pyramid

Also known as Salem Rock, this pyramid in Stirling Scotland was built in 1863 and it commemorates martyrs seeking religious freedom.

During construction a bible was entombed in the pyramid and each side has a bible made out of marble.. There isn’t anything too crazy about this place, its just strange to see a pyramid in a cemetery in scotland.

4. Valley of the Fallen

Valle de los Caidos was built under the orders of the spanish dictator Francisco Franco, it commemorates and honours the casualties of the Spanish Civil War.

The 500ft (150m) cross commands respect from afar, and is the centerpiece of the complex. All together, it took 18 years for the monument to be built, and it is still surrounded in controversy. It is believed that around 10 % of the workers on the project were political prisoners, and that doesn’t sit well with… anyone really.

When you look at the aerial view, you can see the abbey, and basilica, the whole complex is beautiful, but the history behind it has lead to its closure for a while. In 1999, the monument was the victim of a terrorist attack by the Anti Fascist Group GRAPO.

If you find yourself in Madrid with nothing else to explore, I would suggest checking this place out, for sure.

3.Vienna Flak Towers

What do you do when you got the Allied air forces bombing your cities ? You build some of these insane towers; these were just MASSIVE slabs of reinforced concrete and anti aircraft guns. They also had room for civilians to hide in during air raids.

The main flak towers were built in Berlin, Hamburg, and Vienna with Smaller towers scattered around Europe as a whole.

It was said that these towers were invulnerable, and it took only 3 to protect the center of Berlin from total destruction. They were one of the last lines of defense, and while the Red Army was taking over Berlin, some 30,000 people were hiding inside one of the flaktowers.

When the war was over, everyone looked at these towers and collectively said “What now?”. Since it would have been extremely expensive and time intensive to take them down, most flak towers were repurposed.

2.Skeleton Coast | Namibia

I know this video has been a bit out there with the content, we have explored some very different places, but this one, this one is very unique. The Northern Namibian coast is known under many different names,

Portuguese explorers called it “The Gates of Hell.

Local tribes named it “The Land God Made in Anger”

The one that stuck out the most was “ The Skeleton Coast”, coined by the writer John Henry Marsh, from a book he wrote by the same name…

From derelict buildings, hundreds of shipwrecks and thousands of whale and seal bones, the skeleton coast lives up to its name. The farther mainland you go, the more you realize that you are surrounded by nothing but desert. Nowadays, most of the coastline is protected land known as the Skeleton Coast National Park. Most of it is only accessible by plane, and only the southern part is open to 4 wheel drive vehicles.

In other words, if you find yourself here alone… good luck.

1. Le Morne Brabant
Officially known as the Republic of Mauritius, this tiny island nation is found in the Indian Ocean (which holds approximately 20% of the water on Earth’s Surface)

The islands have passed through the hands of a few Colonizers, Dutch, French and the British stayed there until the 60s

Reading into it a bit more, it seems that the UK claimed one of the smaller islands in the archipelago, the Diego Garcia. They got rid of all the locals, closed the island down, and rented it out the USA. Because why not?

Well, the truth is, the USA has had an active military base there ever since they got their hands on the land. So it wasn’t “just because”.

Oh look ! A Destroyed RAF Catalina ! Luckily, this was caused by a cyclone, and no one was injured. Stick around to explore the other abandoned Catalina Seaplane, this time in Saudi Arabia.

What else, what else… oh yeah, one of the most unique aerial views on the planet ! The so called “underwater waterfall”. Scientists say they can easily explain this one, its merely sand and sinking farther into a deeper part of the ocean… Lets ignore the science and just enjoy the optical illusion for once .

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