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Mysteries of Lemurian and the Lost Continent of MU | Ancient Races #2 - Buxrs.com
Published: 1 year ago By: T.U.M - The Mysteries

By: T.U.M - The MysteriesPublished: 1 year ago

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According to traditional Theosophy, the Lemurian root race began 34 million years ago, in the middle of what was then believed to be the Jurassic; first subraces of Lemurian have height between 12 to 18 meter with 4 arms and 2 faces and a third eye in forehead.

"Lemurian or Lemur" is the highest revolution being on Earth. they living in the hypothetical continent called MU. Lemuria or Mu is the name of a hypothetical continent that allegedly existed in one of Earth's oceans, but disappeared at the dawn of human history.

The diffirent of Ancient races like Lemuria with modern human is they have the development of third eye. Which lead them from the giant monster on earth to be the highest evolution race.

With the of the third eye, Lemurians can open and connection to the 4th dimension (modern human only in 3rd dimension), to learn and earning the knowledge and wisdom from another space races of universe. Or have the true vision and comprehension about the development of the world.

Lemurians had a glory age on Earth through out millions of year. But they disappeared in one night. So, what's happened to the Ancient Giants of Earth with 64,000,000 people?

Until now, the mystery legacy of them still hidden in our current day, beneath the mountain Shasta and Kailash. And all of monoliths and relics in Ancient Civilizations.

In Secret Doctrine and the Theory of Ancient Races, there are 5 Elder Races before mankind, called “The Root Races”. The 5 Root Races are:
- 1st Root Race: Ethereal
- 2nd Root Race: Hyperborea
- 3rd Root Race: Lemuria - the first to be truly human
- 4th Root Race: Atlantean
- 5th Root Race: Aryan

And the 6th & 7th Root Race is the future races who will be the next owner of the world.

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