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Fails of the Week: Watch Out Johnny! (December 2017) | FailArmy - Buxrs.com
Published: 3 months ago By: FailArmy

By: FailArmyPublished: 3 months ago

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The first Fails of the Week of December is here! With a hysterical bouquet toss, a crazy ATV fail and a slide double fail; this month is shaping up to be incredible! Have a favorite? Let us know in the comments below.

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Dad Hits Son With Basketball at Carnival Game https://goo.gl/QVdJWT
Little Girl Falls and Trips Older Sister https://goo.gl/iQD6KL
Guy Playing Guitar Fails Basketball Shot https://goo.gl/oyhJF4
Guy Gets Knocked Off Teeter-Totter
Cat Tries to Take Sticker Off Head https://goo.gl/m7PcwX
Girl Gets Knocked Over by Large Wave at Amusement Park
Woman Slips After Catching Bouquet https://goo.gl/H57wej
Gymnast Faceplants While Trying to Flip
Guy Slips While Trying to Juggle Soccer Ball https://goo.gl/3vgi4U
Guy Falls off Dance Pole https://goo.gl/rxSGoL
Teen Tries to Do Trick on Skateboard https://goo.gl/4NzzhF
Guy Fails Backflip at Beach
Little Boy Gets Toilet Seat Stuck on Head https://goo.gl/vhAaq7
Guy Fails to Jump Over Fence https://goo.gl/iX1VfU
Woman Gets Stuck in Mud at Beach
Guy Drives ATV into Spectator https://goo.gl/1nqzAb
Guy Fails to Drill Through Ice
Girl Falls into Lake https://goo.gl/x1V64i
Girl Falls Off Bed While Attempting to Dance https://goo.gl/PLaHHn
Guy Slips off Slide and Falls in Mud https://goo.gl/vJsm63
Freerunner Shows off Parkour Falls https://goo.gl/m8kDux
Girl Stumbles off Paddleboard https://goo.gl/XSvShh
Girl Breaks Dance Pole https://goo.gl/ckEUYK
Tree Removal Knocks Down Lamppost https://goo.gl/RNeiqG
Guy Falls off Swing Set While Attempting Backflip
Little Girl Spins and Falls Into Laundry Basket https://goo.gl/z6v156
Guy Wipes Out While Wakeboarding https://goo.gl/3GvnsN
Dad Catches Baby Rolling Off Bed https://goo.gl/ZQDdjw
Guy in Wheelchair Falls Out of Boat https://goo.gl/SovPEU
Gender Reveal Box Falls on Father https://goo.gl/N5bQB1
Grandma Eats Grass https://goo.gl/rCyVtJ
Guy Falls Backward off Hoverboard
Snowboarder Flies off Ramp and Crashes Into Bag https://goo.gl/gpGFnu
Guy Flies off Jet Ski During Record Attempt https://goo.gl/DsT5vw
Woman Falls While Practicing Parachute Emergency Procedures https://goo.gl/Rxp5Vx
Guy Pretends to Be Asleep While Driving https://goo.gl/ez5nx5
Kite Drags Boy Across Field
Guy Rides Bike Into Canal https://goo.gl/T2FhDj

Fails of the Week: Watch Out Johnny! (December 2017) | FailArmy

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