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Published: 10 months ago By: American Eye

By: American EyePublished: 10 months ago

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Without all the useless electronic technology we have today, the ancients were able to come up with some pretty impressive things that might blow your mind. Certain things we thought of in the past

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10. Lycurgus Cup
This photo we see here shows the Lycurgus Cup which was created in the 4th century AD by the Romans. What’s strange about the cup isn’t just the depiction of the mythical King Lycurgus being wrapped in vines but the mysterious glass that was used to create it. Depending on which way the light is hitting it, it changes colors. This seems to be a luxurious roman object that was recovered from a sarcophagus and was even eventually acquired by the Rothschild family, mysteriously enough. It was sold to the British museum for 20,000 pounds in 1958. Fine particles of gold and silver were added to the glass that would ultimately help it change it’s colors, according to some theories. What’s even more fascinating about this cup is that it appears to be the first example of nanotechnology and these metallic particles are spread only 70 nanometers across and cannot be seen with an optical microscope.

9. The Gold Encrusted Dagger of Stonehenge
Just half a mile from stonehenge, what was believed to be the original “jewels of the King of Stonehenge” were found. This priceless relic from the past is extremely well detailed and the studs were thinner than a hole in a threading needle. The overlapping fish scale design took an incredible amount of time to create, with over 140,000 tiny gold studs, and would have been fit for only a king to enjoy. What’s even more astonishing is the period in which it was created. With this being made 4,000 years ago and using microscopic particles of gold; it’s quite impressive.

8. King Tut’s Meteorite dagger
King tut is known for his remarkable tomb but one thing that might get overlooked is his meteorite dagger! The only other dagger found on him was made of gold. Boring. What leads archaeologists to believe that this is dagger is from outer space, is that the iron was an extremely rare substance to come across during the bronze age and it’s abnormally large nickel concentration.How could this be though? Iron smelting didn’t even exist in egypt until about the 6th century BC.. Researchers at the Polytechnic University in Milan in the 1970’s, had inconclusive results originally but taking advantage of new technology, they decided to test this theory again. The blade closely matched elements found in meteorites containing mostly iron, but cobalt and nickel as well. What else might we discover from this young man’s tomb?

7. Maine Penny
An 11th century Viking coin was found on the coast of Maine which seems to support direct European contact of American soil. If you haven’t destroyed your history books yet, it’s believed that this coin was used for trade among the Native Americans and tribes of the area. Imagine Viking longboats sailing across the shores of the present day united states. The coin was found in a known Native American settlement called Naskeag Point and you have to wonder what other places the vikings may have travelled to. Could this be evidence we need to declare that the Vikings made it further west than Greenland.

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