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INCREDIBLE Archaeological Discoveries of 2017 - Buxrs.com
Published: 11 months ago By: Talltanic

By: TalltanicPublished: 11 months ago

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New, exciting discoveries with incredible historical value lay within this video, from a huge statue of popular Egyptian Pharaoh Ramses the second to a giant stone structure with inscriptions that continue to baffle experts we’re here to take a look at a few of the fascinating things archaeologists have dug up in 2017.

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6. Ancient North American Settlements

While digging on a site on British Columbia’s Triquet Island, a team unearthed a settlement that dates back to the Ice Age. The settlement is fourteen thousand years old and potentially provides further information on ancient human migration. For years debate has raged about how humans first entered North America. Many experts posit that approximately 13 thousand years ago stone age people were able to enter North America via a land bridge that once connected modern day Siberia to Alaska. Recent evidence indicates that this theorized migration route did not have enough resources for ancient people to make the trip. Others feel that humans entered North America along the coast. This latest settlement discovery gives further credence to that theory.

5. Ancient Roman Road
A stretch of road built by the ancient Romans was unearthed 20 miles west of Jerusalem by workers with the Israel Antiquities Authority in February. The roadway extended on and on for 495 feet and measures just under 20 feet across, room enough for several chariots. Archaeologists noted that the pathway was built to link a Roman settlement in the area with the main highway, commonly referred to as the Emperor’s Road. The Roman government’s development and maintenance of their international network of roads was legendary and unprecedented in history.

4. Ancient King’s Vessel
Excavators digging near the Great Pyramid at Giza uncovered a huge piece of wood that wasn’t your every day two by four. The plank is believed to be part of a boat that was built at the behest of King Khufu, who ruled Egypt a full four thousand five hundred years ago. The huge piece was one of around seven hundred that have been found since the 1980’s and is thought to conclude the search. The Egyptian and Japanese archaeologists that have been working on the project plan on restoring the boat pieces and displaying them in the Grand Egyptian Museum when it opens its doors next year.

3. Unprecedented Mystery Structure
Israel is the site of a ton of stunning and valuable archaeological discoveries thanks in large part to the incredible preservation habits that many ancient cultures in the area practiced throughout the centuries. A shocking discovery was made earlier this year that defies logic, though it's not unique to the area. Dolmens, giant stone table like structures have been discovered from Ireland to Korea. One was uncovered in Israel that was unlike any others found so far. Unlike previously unearthed dolmens this one had mysterious art engraved in its ceiling that baffled experts. The top stone of the four-thousand-year-old structure weighs an estimated minimum of 50 tons, making it one of the largest ever used in a dolmen ever found in the Middle East.

2. Jesus Tombs

In recent years archaeologists have made a plethora of informative discoveries that allows them to understand exactly how people lived during the time of Christ. Israel’s antiquities authorities recently allowed reporters into its vast storerooms to show the world some of these discoveries. These two ossuaries have inscriptions that spell the word Yeshua or Jesus. And no it’s not that Jesus, the name was very common thousands of years ago. While all of these findings are exciting, experts have yet to find what would be the most stunning discovery of al, direct physical evidence of Jesus himself.

1. Unopened Burial Chamber

Spanish archaeologists digging through Aswan, Egypt recently reached an intact burial chamber belonging to Sarenput the second, the eldest brother of Shemai, one of the most powerful governors of Egypt’s 12th dynasty. During the reigns of Senwosret the second and Senwosret the third Shemai was general of Egyptian troops and governed Elephantine. The finding was complete with funerary goods of the day including pottery, two cedar coffins and a set of wooden models. The discovery provides researchers with critical data and further insight into the lives of Egypt’s elites almost 4 thousand years ago.

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